Any real estate operation should begin with a market research. An adequate feasibility study will highlight weaknesses and strengths of the project.

During the management of a real estate operation, the evolution of market conditions must be taken into account always, reviewing the initial feasibility study and the business plan at each stage of the process.

Real estate markets

We offer our solutions in two real estate markets

Asset markets - Real Estate Companies

  • Offices.
  • Hotels.
  • Shopping Centers.
  • Industrial Buildings.
  • Elderly residential buildings.
  • Depending on wether the real estate operation is for development or for rent assets, we apply different management strategies.

Housing Market or Real Estate Developments - Real Estate Developer

  • Primary residence: urban areas and suburbs
  • Secondary residence: leisure and holiday.


We offer a complete overview of management and development, providing a full service in all the steps of the process:

Market and feasibility research:

Recommendations about constructive typologies, qualities and prices.

Recommendations about development plans and project phases.

Recommendations about funding.

Advising and management of all the real estate process:

Account management, taxation and real estate business administration.

Relationship management, permits and licenses for public institutions and other entities involved in the real estate process.

Construction coordination and management during all the process.

Budgetary and deadline control.

Marketing campaign management needed to sell projects.

Inspection and coordination management for new real estate developments.

Key handover and deeds management.

After-sales service during warranty period.


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