Nuestro equipo técnico está cualificado para asesorar, proyectar y dirigir todos los pasos de la gestión urbanística, tanto a nivel de relación con las Administraciones Públicas, como con los demás agentes intervinientes: Juntas de Compensación, Urbanizadora, Técnicos...

We have experience in being part of Compensation Boards to coordinate and manage landowners’ interests.

Urban planning is complex from a legal and technical point of view. It defines what can be done with the land or not in the following phases of the real estate process.


We offer a complete overview of urban planning, providing a full service in all the steps of the process:

Market and feasibility research.

Legal and urban advising.

Urban planning and management.

Urban planning projects:

PGO and vectorization plans.

Reparcelling projects.

Modifications of the Approach.

Urbanization projects.

Development planning: Partial Plans, Detailed Studies, Special Plans.


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